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6. Dietotherapy

During the whole treatment and rehabilitation stage, the dietotherapy is applicable. The combined rational diet with treatment can effectively prevent the recurrence/metastasis of tumors.
(2) 不能吃霉变的花生米、黄豆、玉米、油脂等粮油食物。
(3) 多吃新鲜的绿叶蔬菜、水果、菇类等。以增加体内的维生素,抑制癌细胞的繁殖。
(4) 多吃含维生素A和B的食物,如肝、蛋、奶等以及胡萝卜,可减少肺癌的发生。 
(5) 多吃粗纤维食物,如胡萝卜、芹菜、莴苣等蔬菜,可减少癌症的发生。
(6) 少吃盐腌制品、亚硝酸盐处理过的肉类、熏制食物及泡菜等,可减少胃癌的发生。 
(7) 少喝含酒精的饮料,以防喉癌、食道癌。 
(8) 适当控制热量的摄入,可明显降低直肠癌的发病率。
(10) 少用辛辣调味品,如肉桂、茴香、花椒、肉蔲等,过量食用这些食物有可能促进癌细胞的增生,从而加速癌症的恶化。
(1) Take the less fatty food, meats or over-fatting food. In nearly half of people with a higher BMI than normal level, the cancer will come on. 
(2) Do not take the moldy grains or oils (e.g. peanut kernel, soya bean, maize and greases). 
(3) Take the massive fresh green-leaf vegetables, fruits and mushrooms to improve the vitamin content in body and inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells. 
(4) Take the massive food rich in Vitamin A/B (e.g. liver, egg, milk and carrot) to reduce the incidence of lung cancer. 
(5) Take the massive coarse-fiber food (e.g. carrot, celery and lettuce) to reduce the incidence of cancers. 
(6) Take the less salt-pickled products, nitrite-treated meats, smoke-dried food or pickled vegetables to reduce the incidence of stomach cancer. 
(7) Drink the less alcoholic beverage to prevent the larynx cancer and esophagus cancer. 
(8) Properly control the caloric intake to obviously reduce the incidence of rectum cancer.
(9) Rationally take some tonics of immunity improvement (e.g. ginseng, royal jelly and coix seed) to directly inhibit the cancer. 
(10) Take the less spicy flavoring materials (e.g. cassia bark, fennel, prickly ash and meat Êf), because their excessive intake may promote the hyperplasia of tumor cells and thus accelerate the deterioration of cancers.


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