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5. Relay treatment at the rehabilitation stage

After the complete disappearance of tumors through the operation, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, many patients do not pay a further attention, but the tumors will recur and metastasize after several and even dozens of years. Therefore, it is necessary to stress the treatment at the rehabilitation stage. In fact, among the Chinese patients newly diagnosed as solid tumors every year, 60% of these patients had a recurrent tumor one year after the surgery, and 80% of them died of recurrent/metastatic tumors. 
For the tumor patients at the rehabilitation stage, the relevant examinations should be made regularly every 3~6 months, and the implosive therapy should be made in time for relay treatment at any abnormality (preferably for one month in the spring and the autumn respectively if possible). For the patients with a tendency of recurrence/metastasis or a high level of tumor marker test, the implosive therapy should be made for three months. For the tumor patients of no abnormality in the re-examination at the rehabilitation stage, the anti-cancer TCM medicines should be administered continuously for 10d every month so as to reliably prevent the recurrence/metastasis.


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