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2. Intervention therapy
The intervention therapy is also called as intervention radiology, and is a discipline combining the radiological diagnostics with clinical therapeutics. In the intervention therapy, under the guidance of radiological diagnostic equipment (e.g. digital subtraction X-ray equipment, CT equipment, MRI equipment and routine X-ray equipment), the specific device is inserted to lesion site for treatment via micro-invasion. It can treat various diseases through the non-surgical and micro-invasive operation. The intervention therapy has become one of three pillar clinical disciplines, the other two of which are internal medicine and surgery.
Our intervention therapy possesses the following advantages:
(1) Operate in a simple, safe, effective and micro-invasive way, with a few complications.
(2) Do not require a surgery or general anesthesia, but just require a local anesthesia, so as to reduce the risk. 
(3) Achieve a fast recovery and good efficacy just through a micro-invasion, and protect the normal organs as far as possible.
(4) Restrict the medicines to lesion site as far as possible, so as to reduce the adverse reactions for body and other organs.
With above advantages, the intervention therapy has become one of principal treatment methods and even replaced the surgery for various diseases, e.g. liver cancer, lung cancer, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, aneurysm, vascular deformity and hysteromyoma.


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